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Myth about Disc Herniations

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

MYTH: Anyone with herniated discs has pain.

FACT: It is estimated between 20-40% of us has one or more herniated discs, but presents NO PAIN. We may have mild to severe #discherniations that go unnoticed. It is often only after an incident/accident/injury that it is discovered and subsequently blamed for the pain that is experienced though our backs.

Discs are the cushion between our bony vertebrae; shock absorbers. Over time with age, wear and tear, poor nutrition, lack of movement, sudden compression, #poorposture , among other things, contribute to herniations of various degrees. That said, not everyone will have them due to the above factors.

Symptoms include (aren't limited to): burning, tingling, numbness, referralpain, spasms , shootingpain , among others. These often present themselves with/ after certain activities, including prolonged sitting or standing, bending, strenuous activity, or in some cases, they are more constant regardless of the activity.

Medical or Alternative medicine intervention may have be considered when there is no relief for symptoms within a few days after onset, and with basic heat/cold applications, OTC pain meds, or rest.

If diagnosed with disc herniations, there are many ways to treat this, including exercise, stretching, therapy, CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine), non-invasive and invasive surgeries.

Prevention include exercise, movement based activities, stretching, proper nutrition, proper posture, decompression for the spine, and mindful lifting and bending.

There is hope and help!!!

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