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Nicole Longwell doing Yoga with the sun and the sea in the background

Ⓒ Elizabeth Faubert



Longwell Massage Therapy waiting room


Nicole was "Amazing" as the 5 star rating says. Great word choice...Nicole is incredibly knowledgeable in diverse areas. What makes her so special, is the time she takes with you to go over all of your concerns with your body. Then she lines you up on the tape to judge your posture, instantly calling out what is off. Nicole has a excellent understanding of the body's anatomy explaining what and where the muscle is that she's working on... Not only does this give you peace of mind, but a FREE education... LoL I've had a good amount of massages before, and compared to them, Nicole is Unmatched! The icing on the cake... She pulled out her mini skeleton, and proceeded to demonstrate what I could do to help correct my posture. Nicole is professional, pleasant, friendly, understanding, and effective. I've already told people close to me about my great experience, and if you're reading this...... Well then I hope you're next step is booking an appointment to get some relief, relaxation, or healing.


All The Best,



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