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Non Sleep Deep Rest | NSDR | 15 minute Yoga Nidra

This one is #YogaNidra, the yoga of sleep.

Specifically, Yoga Nidra is for Non-Sleep Deep Rest. Going through this when you need a nap or when you're trying to sleep, or just need to relax on a deeper level (or at least turn down the volume of tension, pain, and/or stress a notch), may be nice to try. All that is required of you is to find a space where you can lay comfortably, with or without blankets and pillows, and listen. She will guide/invite you to feel your body and become more aware of all of its parts. She has several videos on her channel for different things, but this one is nice for the whole body.

* Something to consider: I realize that those of us who need to "relax" are often told that we should feel at peace, calm, and at ease when doing relaxation techniques. For some, however, that simply isn't possible due to various factors, including being in Fight, Flight, and Freeze all the time. So, set your bar a little lower by looking for smaller changes. For example, you may look at your stress, anxiety, emotions, body aches/pains, tension, etc like it has a dial for volume. You may start by looking at how high is the volume before you start your practice and then see if the dial/volume was turned down even just a notch after the exercise. Otherwise, we may leave ourselves open to disappointment when we can't find that total inner peace or total relaxation. Look for the parts of your mind and/or body that are less tense, painful, anxious, emotional, stressed, etc, and use that as your gauge, rather than looking at the whole. Just a thought.....

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